Iraq- After the explosion of Imams Bridge, Iraqis flow to Al-Kadhimiya in Baghdad


Iraqis proceeded to flow to the shrine of “Imam Musa Al-Kadhim”, after the explosion of a grenade targeting the tourists of the shrine, while they were crossing the Imams Bridge that links Al-Kadhimiya city and Al-Adhamiya city, in Baghdad, leaving one dead and 8 injuries.  Despite the lockdown imposed by the Iraqi authorities, in more than half of the country’s 18 governorates, and especially in Baghdad, the second most populous Arab capital, to control the outbreak of  Covid, tens of citizens gathered dressed in black gathered on the streets of Baghdad, attempting to get past the razor wires, set up by the security forces, walking, to commemorate the death of Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim, the seventh imams of the Twelver Shiites, marked on Tuesday, whereas the parade arrangements campaigns try to provide food, drink and sleep services while Shiite visitors usually head to it on foot, to offer Prayers and commemorate it for some days.



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