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Miro county - Kenya  06/09/2020 Somalia’s ban on Khat importation has had a chilling effect on Khat farmers and merchants. The ban was deemed as a preventive major to combat the spread of the Corona Virus. Residents of Miro County in Keny rely on planting Khat, which is a stimulant drug. The leaves and the roots of the long Khat shrub are chewed, which is widespread in the Horn of Africa’s countries and Yemen. Therefore, farmers and merchants are demanding assistance due to the incurred losses. They are also demanding the government to lift the embargo on the Kenyan khat, which is one of the main economic pillars in Kenya.
Samburu County in northern Kenya 27/08/2020 Samburu County in northern Kenya is witnessing its worst desert locust outbreak. Hundreds of millions are sweeping in the area and probably they are going to stay until the rainfall in October. There are fears these insects would continue to grow and spread reaching Kenya during the rainfall. This infestation poses a threat to food security. Daniel Lesaigor, the Disaster management officer in Samburu County, confirmed that authorities were able to combat the invasion of 400 swarms of locusts, and were able to contain 24 districts. Locusts invaded 980000 acres, affecting 192 thousand people in Samburu. Therefore, government is exerting painstaking efforts, especially in Samburu and Turkana County to combat locust infestation.
Labolana village in Samburu County - Kenya 24/08/2020 Citizens in Samburu County- south Kenya, who make their livings from cattle breeding, are living in dire circumstances as the drought has hit their area, in addition to the restrictions imposed by the government in an attempt to combat the outbreak of Corona virus. Residents of Archers in Samburu County confirmed that thousands are starving, who usually have only one meal. They are calling on the government and the county's authority to deliver relief aid immediately. 
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