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Phnom Penh - Cambodia 19/01/2021 Many Cambodians are looking forward to a highly effective Chinese covid vaccine, whereas others preferred to adhere to the natural methods to protect themselves from the infection due to their fear of vaccination. Prime Minister Hun Sen recently announced in an audio message that Cambodia will receive one million doses of the covid vaccine from China. Hun Sen thanked the Chinese government for giving the vaccine to Cambodia for free and urged the population to remain calm as plans are made to distribute the vaccine.
Oddar Meanchey - Cambodia 14/01/2021 In order to minimize the impact of covid in Oddar Meanchey Province, northwest Cambodia, and facilitate tourism, the Provincial Tourism Department established Ago- Tourism due to its importance, as in addition to visiting the ancient temples, tourists can get a new experience when visiting plants and animal farms such as bamboo, shrimp and carb farms or get to know the way farmers live.  
Tonle Sap Lake- Siem Reap-Cambodia  28/12/2020  Dr. Jon Morgan founded The Lake Clinic in Tonle Sap Lake, Seam Reap, in 2008 to provide medical services to families in the floating villages that are miles away from public health care centers and whose people suffer medical and health issues. A group of doctors, nurses, midwives, and support staff go out in two teams every other week to the 5 clinics they run on the Tonle Sap Lake and Steung Sen River to provide health care to patients, give lectures on family planning, and an awareness program for disease prevention. The lake is characterized by a diverse population of 1.2 million people consisting of Khmers, Cham, and Vietnamese. 94% of them support themselves by subsistence fishing while there is a huge lack of education and health services
Siem Reap Province - Cambodia  25.12.2020 Akira, a former Cambodian soldier, devoted his life as a deminer in Siem Reap province, Northwest Cambodia, since 1990, to protect the farmers. He and his team have destroyed as many as 50,000 landmines, clearing 800 hectares. Akira keeps some mines in the Landmine Museum, which he founded in 1997. The Cambodian government aims to clear all the country of mines by 2025.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia v21/12/2020 Cambodians have shown trust in the European and American vaccine and that they favor it over the Chinese. A pharmacist stated that people prefer to purchase Western medicines over the local or Chinese ones. He added that citizens will select the western vaccines if they get approved by the World Health Organization. The Cambodian government has not made a decision yet on the countries from which it will procure the vaccine, as Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that Cambodia will buy only the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization.  
Koh Kong -Cambodia  18/12/2020 The Chinese-built Lower Stung Russei Chrum hydropower station, located in Southwestern Koh Kong, Cambodia, has been established for 7 years to generate renewable energy from a water dam, aiming for supplying the province's towns with electricity. However, the local people in Koh Kong who live near the power station have never been connected to the grid nor the electricity in their own houses. Hydropower station has a total installed capacity of 338 megawatts and a designed annual output of 1.19 billion kilowatt-hours.  
Dara Sakor- Koh Kong -Cambodia   15/12/2020 Union Development Group (UDG) develops The Dara Sakor housing project in Koh Kong, southwestern Cambodia. Houses and apartments are constructed for wealthy investors, as well as a golf course, an international airport, supermarkets, casinos, private beaches, restaurants, hotels, spa, and other entertainment. The Group employs local people as construction workers or helpers in the restaurant kitchens. 
Siem Reap, northern Cambodia  07/12/2020  Camboria association was established in 2016 in Seam Reap, to provide food initially but then become a seed garden as there could be no better way to help feed people than by producing and giving them the seeds for free to grow their own food with minimum cost, in addition to protecting biodiversity in Cambodia. A primary school was built also next to the garden for 4-6-year-olds in the village to help educate the villagers and their children about self-sufficiency, healthy food, and the importance of biodiversity in their country.
Chreav – Sangkat - Siem Reap- Cambodia  02/12/2020 The non-profit, Life and Hope Association, in Sangkat village, Siem Reap, work on breaking the cycle of poverty by providing compassionate care and access to education to the poor and most vulnerable people in Cambodia especially children. The Association provides free education and food for free to orphans, children, and disadvantaged young women. Moreover, it grants scholarships and vocational training to university students and helps the poor in the village.
  Seam Reap - Cambodia 28/11/2020  The NGO, Water for Cambodia proceed in building water filters and testing them in the rural areas as well as encouraging villagers to use them especially after the spread of the disease using unfiltered water of rivers and wells in their daily use including drinking. The NGO uses affordable and simple filters that turn the water into a clean and healthy one. The Director of Operations in, Water for Cambodia, Luigi Giani, stated that the issue isn’t water shortage but the polluted one. Furthermore, he added that teaching people about the dangers of cross-contamination and proper use remains the challenge irrespective of their effort in educating people by training sessions using illustrations and explaining about hygiene and sanitation.  
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