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Phnom Penh - Cambodia 28/10/2020 "We volunteer for you", a group of young volunteers in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, continues to assist and provide meals and drinks to relief units that work tirelessly in the process of rescuing and assisting citizens affected by the floods and torrential rains in Cambodia. Despite some difficulties facing the volunteers, they are happy to lend a helping hand to relief teams and those affected.
Tonle Sap Lake - Kampong Chhnang Province - Cambodia 27/10/2020 Hundreds of Muslim and Buddhist Cambodian and Vietnamese villagers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Cambodian government’s plan to transfer them from their floating homes on Tonle Sap Lake in the village of Chungkoh, located in the city of Kampung Chenang, northern Cambodia, to new areas, for the sake of tourism development and improvement of the environment on the banks of the lake, according to government officials. Their new lands are in a swamp filled with water, and each family was asked to pay $ 1,000 to clear the plot of land whose area is about 50 meters. Villagers who are skilled in fishing in the lake describe the new areas granted to them as empty lands devoid of electricity, clean water, and all infrastructure. Emphasizing their refusal to move from their floating homes to new lands, according to the local authority, 210 families have been moved to the new place and are returning to Tonle Sap Lake for fishing to earn their livelihood, and more than 1000 families are still living on the lake until the moment and do not want to move to the new designated place for them.  
Siam Reap - Cambodia Despite the many difficulties he faces, the young blacksmith Ran Norpoan continues his difficult profession in the manufacture of swords, which he learned from his grandfather in his early years. As he displays his distinctive crafts after finishing manufacturing them in a cafe in the middle of his village in the northwestern Cambodia of Siem Reap province to sell them to support his family. Young Norpoan fears that this traditional craft inherited through generations in his province will disappear due to the lack of many people buying these tools and the market demands stop, forcing a large number of blacksmiths to stop this profession and search for another job. Norpoan hopes that the craft of making swords will be supported in the future.  
Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh - Cambodia 19.10.2020 The recent signing of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Cambodia has sparked much debate about the pros and cons of the agreement and its impact on Cambodia's development. The agreement includes reducing customs duties on goods between the two countries, cooperation in the tourism sector, and other sectors. Several citizens in the coastal city of Sihanoukville in southwestern Cambodia, which is witnessing rapid growth in all sectors, expressed their fear of increasing foreign investment and its impact on citizens in all fields.  
Dangkor - Phnom Penh - Cambodia  17/10/2020 According to the Cambodian National Committee for Disaster Management between September 1st to October 16th: 19 provinces/counties and the capital city have had flooding, 53,169 homes were flooded, 52 houses were destroyed, more than 400 schools flooded, 131,329 hectares of rice fields were flooded and 18 people have died due to floods, including 8 children. The floods in Dangkor, Kambol, and Por Senchey in the capital, Phnom Penh, have forced at least 5,000 villagers living along the Prek Thnoat River to evacuate their homes and move to neighboring towns.  
Kampot - Southern Cambodia 14/10/2020  Foreign investors continue to construct their projects in the Kampot Province, southern Cambodia, which is considered one of the most attractive areas for tourists, as investors have started building the first modern skyscraper. The opinions of the residents varied about these investments; some considered them to contribute to bringing more visitors and tourists to their city and provide job opportunities for the residents of the city of Kampot, while others considered them to lead to rising in land prices and higher rents in the areas surrounding the investment sites, adding that the skyscraper would destroy the beauty of architectural heritage of the city of Kampot.  
Koh Pich -Phnom Penh, Cambodia 12.10.2020 Foreign restaurants and investments are widely spread in Koh Pich Island in the Bassac River of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. Despite the advantages of these investments like money influx, the economic conditions of Cambodian workers were negatively affected due to the replacement of foreign workers in their place, which led to the movement of a large number of Cambodian workers to other places in search of their daily food.  
Araksvay village - Siem Reap - Cambodia, 09/10/2020 Being in a full determination, several farmers from the Araksvay village in Siem Reap, northwestern Cambodia, set out to collect rattan. They inherited this profession from their ancestors. They get in trucks at night in about 6 hours journey till reaching the wood to find and collect the rattan plant, to make wonderful handcrafted baskets, pots, and chairs to sell them to Cambodian consumers and tourists at markets to make money to support their families. Rattan is a type of climbing palm that is harvested and chopped than the thorns and dried leaves are removed from it. After that, it is dried in the sun and then stored. Rattan is light in weight, flexible, and easy to handle. It also withstands humidity and high temperature.
Siem Reap, Cambodia 08.10.2020 The hardship of Cambodian citizens increased due to the government’s decisions to expand 38 streets within areas of the tourist city of Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia. The owners of shops and homes began to demolish 4 to 5 meters from their properties and their storefronts in a very short time to widen and build new roads. The owners of restaurants and shops expressed their dissatisfaction with the demolition and expansion decisions in light of the financial crisis they are exposed to due to the impact of the Coronavirus and the demands of banks to repay their loans. Siem Reap is a central tourist destination in Southeast Asia, being the home of the Angkor Wat Temple of the Khmer in the ninth century, but the Corona pandemic caused the disruption of more than a hundred thousand citizens from work and they are now without a source of livelihood.  
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 07.10.2020 Cambodians have been voted the friendliest people in the world, ahead of New Zealand and Canada, in 2020 according to the “My International Movers” website. the Deputy Minister, Top Sopheak, affirmed that his country does not bear hostility to any country and the government’s policy depends on making friends at the regional and international levels. He added that what distinguishes Cambodia is the smiling faces of its people, geographical location, good climate, the diversity of its natural resources, and its cultural richness, which made it a destination for tourists from all over the world. Citizens and tourists mentioned that the Cambodian people deserve to be the most welcoming among People of the world.  
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