Mohammad Fakhri Al Ajlouni محمد فخري العجلوني

Mohammad Fakhri Al Ajlouni

Founder and Chairman
of Arab Media Group

Mohammad Fakhri Al Ajlouni has succeeded in building an illustrious portfolio rich in prominent media stations, while continuing to affix his distinguished mark in the media arena and on the lives of many. In 1986, Al Ajlouni graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Communications Engineering from the University of Louisiana, USA. He has since then witnessed some of the most pivotal wars, conflicts and events to have taken place in the Middle East and beyond. These experiences strengthened his determination and commitment to capitalize on the media groups he either chaired or established over the years to cover developments with utmost accuracy, conveying factual illustrations and unbiased details to local, regional and global audiences. Al Ajlouni’s success emerged with every step as an acknowledgment of his considerable impact on national and international media. One of his most noteworthy and prevailing accomplishments was the Arab Media Group, which he currently operates from the headquarters at the National Press Building in Washington, DC. Subsequently, Arab Media Group has paved the way for multiple pioneering media projects, all of which are now predominantly recognized amongst popular international media networks and entities across the globe. One of the most significant projects to have emerged from Arab Media Group was the ABS Network, which Al Ajlouni founded in 2000. The first radio and television broadcasting services provider in the Middle East, the ABS Network has been delivering media services from worldwide offices to numerous illustrious and highly-regarded foreign and Arab television and satellite channels, including Reuters, Sky News, Al Arabiya and Al Hadath, Al Jazeera, Alhurra, Al Jadeed TV, BBC and CNN. Upon recognizing news reporting gaps in the Arab World, Mohammad Fakhri Al Ajlouni established A24 News Agency in 2015, becoming the first Arab news agency to infuse an authentic perspective on regional developments. Since its inception, A24 News Agency has covered regional hot topics at a far greater rate than most media channels. A24 News Agency is presently managed by Al Ajlouni and delivers the biggest stories, breaking news and live coverage from countries like Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Bahrain and Lebanon, keeping pace and serving a host of notable clients from various media agencies.




The Jordan Today project was incepted to set a new route for professional television work in the Kingdom, while enriching Jordanian media content, in order to deliver information, news and programs in an unconventional manner, at a time when Jordanian media was ineffectively conveying the voices and concerns of Jordanian citizens. By breaking free of the restrictions imposed, the channel also sought to form a new national identity from the heart of Jordan that would compete with local and regional media by offering compelling content and comprehensive coverage of local and international news through an integrated network of Jordanian journalists and media professionals based in all governorates, as well as through real-time coverage across various social media platforms. At the end of 2019, Jordan Today was closed due to political pressures, however, the website is still available online.

As the leading broadcast service provider, ABS Network operates from three main headquarters located in Amman – Jordan; Dubai – United Arab Emirates; and Washington, DC – United States of America, in conjunction with representative offices in Dubai, Manama, Baghdad, Erbil, Beirut, Northern Syria, Cairo, Ramallah, Gaza, Istanbul, Tunisia and other affiliated offices around the world. The network serves numerous international television and satellite channels like Reuters, Sky News, Al Arabiya, Al Hadath, Al Jazeera Media Network, Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, ABC News, Alhurra, Alhurra Iraq, Al Jadeed TV, ZDF, BBC and CNN, among others. These television and news agencies run their operations from the ABS Network headquarters in Amman to benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities and the support of highly talented, qualified and experienced staff.




A24 news agnecy - the largest news video archive

The first Arab news agency to offer an authentic Arab perspective on Arab news, A24 News Agency focuses on covering hot topics in Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Bahrain and Lebanon, conveying the latest stories, breaking news and live coverage at a far greater rate than most media channels in the region. A24 News Agency serves news channels from across the globe and has formed a large customer base comprising Sky News Arabia, Al Arabiya, NBC, ABC News, CNN, Alhurra, AFP, Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera English, to name a few.

The Training Department at MEMPSI – in partnership with Arab Broadcast Services – aims to empower and encourage human resources’ creativity and initiative, while keeping them abreast of the rapid technological developments in media and communications. By offering progressive training on the use of media technologies and following up on their latest updates, MEMPSI seeks to raise highly proficient and influential trainees capable of leaving their mark within the media field. MEMPSI extends specialized and creative training programs organized within integrated courses to media professionals, interested individuals, relevant departments and institutions, and television and satellite channels. The programs are held under the supervision of media experts and Arab and foreign professors in order to advance trainee performance to professional standards.