National campaign demanding an increase of women’s representation in the Jordanian parliament

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Jordanian National Committee for Women’s Affairs launched the campaign “Because she can … the country deserves” in order to enable the participation of Jordanian women in the political process, demanding increasing women participation in the Jordanian Parliament, which represents the legislative authority in Jordan.




As the parliament discussed 2016 law amendments, National Committee of the Jordanian Women’s Affairs proceeded to submit a proposal for the allocation of a women’s seat in each election constituency in order to increase the proportion of active women’s participation in the parliament through the women’s quota seats, which amounts to the 15-seat representing 12%.

The campaign confirmed that the claim is based on a legal basis, where Jordan is committed to the ratification of the Prime Minister on the Jordanian Women’s Strategy (2013 – 2017), which recommended the increase of the participation of women in elected councils to (20%) at a time when countries adopted at the in September of this year the commitment initiative “planet (50-50) by the year (2030),” to get to the equal participation of women and men in all areas especially in public life.

Representative of the National Committee submitted a memorandum adopted by more than 60 members of the parliament showing their support to modify the new election law to ensure greater participation of the effectiveness of the female element in the next parliament, which the motion in the list of parliamentary sessions to approve the election law.


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