Technocrat government, a hopeful solution to conflicts in Iraq

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Growing hope for Iraqis after discussing the government of technocrats by experts seeking to solve the problems that plagued Iraq economically, politically and socially, especially after suffering a major human rights violations as well as ISIS occupation of large parts of Iraq.





Iraqis are living a new thread of hope after the introduction of the technocrat government after choosing elite technocrats willing to change Iraq fate after the miserable years led by the politicians that pulled the country in downward spiral economically, politically and socially as well as major violations to human rights and ISIS occupation of large parts of Iraq.

The social power play a big role in the formation of a technocrat government to change the political route and eliminate the sectarian and ethnic politicians under a system of quotas which lead to corruption on all levels with the presence of a government unable of performing the tasks the right way.



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