Russian bombing destroy the city and service facilities in Idlib, Syria

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The Russian bombing is the most destructive on Syrian cities and it’s infrastructure, they also target innocent civilians in residential areas and public facilities like hospitals, schools, mosques, bakeries and many others especially in Idlib, Aleppo.





Russian bombing is interfering with the life of Syrians as they target civilians claiming they are targeting armed terrorists so they bombs residential areas destroying the infrastructure and schools, hospitals, bakeries, markets and service facilities.
Many hospitals and field hospitals were bombed and the last one was in Idlib which received the bulk of the attacks that hit bakeries, mills, schools, hospitals and markets as well as industrial and agricultural regions killing many civilians including children.
There are more than 2000 child in Idlib who cannot go to school and thousands of families who lost their homes to the Russian bombing which targeted residential rather than armed conflict regions leading thousands to leave their homes and displace seeking safer regions.



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