To stop terrorists from crossing the border Tunisia builds a wall with Libya

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The Tunisian government is building a soil separator between Ras Aljadeer and Althuhaiba crossing with 250 km distance along the Libyan borders to protect it from sneaking of terrorist and ISIS members to Tunisia and to prevent smuggling between the two countries





The Tunisian national army is in the final stages of building a soil barrier between Ras Aljadeer and Althuhaiba crossing to protect the Tunisian border with Libya and prevent the entrance of terrorist to Tunisia from Libya and to prevent the smuggling process between the two. This came after the announcement of the Prime minister Alhabib Alsayid after the terrorist attack on Bardo National Museum in the Tunisian capital.
The Tunisian minister of defense Farhat Alharshani confirmed to Arab24 Agency after his visit to Libya, that the barrier is 250 km distance along the Libyan borders over 5km along Ban Gardani and 7km to Althuhaiba. He also stated that the coming period they would focus on electronic surveillance to ground land with the support of Germany and USA who will welcome experts to make a deal on this project.
Regarding the Military intervention in Libya, Alharshani confirmed that it must happen under a national cover and with a request from the Libya government and he also said that Tunisia refuse any foreign interfering between them.



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