Jordanian and British foreign ministers press conference discussing the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan.

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A press conference was held between the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Naser Joudeh and his British Counterpart Philip Hammond to discuss the relationship between the two countries and to discuss the Syrian refugee situation at Alzaatari Camp.



A press conference was held today at the Jordanian ministry of foreign affairs in Amman between the Minister Naser Joudeh and his British counterpart Philip Hammond and this came after the two ministers negotiations with his Majesty King Abdullah II regarding the importance of supporting Syria and the region and this is due to the huge burden of the growing number of Syrian refugees at Alzaatari camp which exceeded 1.3 million refugee. This comes after the conferences held in Kuwait and Geneva to be held in London on the 14/2/2016.

Hammond looked closely at the Syrians struggles at the camp and their demands in receiving relief to every single Syria refugee and he considered the political solution to be the only way in resolving the conflicts and to eliminate ISIS in Syria and Iraq. He also emphasized the importance of the presence of a Syrian delegation to Geneva conference despite the difficulties faced.

Jordan is opened to receiving investments since the refugees used most of the Jordanian resources. The conference also included the Palestinian case and it was concluded that a political negotiation is necessary to face this problem which is present since ages ago.


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