Russia trying to build alliance with the Kurds to upset Turkey

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Russia is supporting the Kurds in Syria and they are working on equipping and supporting their fighting parties and military squad despite the animosity of the Kurds to the Syrian regime which Russia defend and support.

The Russian- Kurdish field relationship is clearly dual in regard to their behaivour to the opposition parties. They provide military support to the Kurds who are an enemy to the regime and they seek its elimination ever since the Syrian crisis started. The outside intervention in the crisis to solve or worsen the situation clearly indicates a joint relationship with one goal.
This is what the military and political coordination between Russians and the Kurds and the regime indicates and this introduce the possibility of finding a self administration and Democratic Union party headquarters led by the Kurds in Syria.
Analysts in the Syrian opposition see that Russian support to the Kurds aim to weaken and marginalize the Turkish role in the region and it also indicates that the kurds animosity to the regime is only verbal.



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