Isis uses children for its crimes.

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ISIS organization recruits children to fight and make up for losses and to use them as human shields against international coalition raids. They depend on different ways to attract them where they arrange different entertainment activities that is missed in the country due to war.



ISIS organization is putting a huge effort on recruiting children to make up for the losses and to create human shields from International coalition raids. They used many techniques to attract children where they arrange a number of entertainment activities and hold conferences in schools explaining the current conflict and the importance to fight infidels as they name them and they encourage them to join ISIS since they are the future men and they will open many countries and become the pride of the nation as they claim.

Many of the children recruited by ISIS died in the Kobani city battle with the Kurdish forces while liberating it from ISIS and those children also performed suicidal missions in Iraq and Syria.

Many children are seen in ISIS organization barriers and ISIS proudly shows the dead bodies of those children


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