Isis sells prisoners organs former leader says

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Abu Omar Aljaza’awi “ISIS steals prisoners organs to give to members and sell the extra to private hospitals in Syria and Turkey.



Ahmed Othman Alabdullah is a Syrian from Aljaza’a or Alsafan village, he is known as Abu Omar Aljaza’awi since he joined ISIS a year and half ago and he was appointed as Information security prince which is a sensitive position in the terrorist organization.

Aljaza’awi duty was collection of information is the region and outside as well as recruiting new members to work as spies in Syrian regions to collect information for the organization. He was arrested by Democratic Syria forces after Alhoul battle in the Southeastern side of Alhasakah countryside.

ISIS organization Research and Ifta stated that there is no need to respect the body organs of infidels and it can be amputated even if it led to his death. The organization had specialized doctors to steal the organs of the prisoners in big hospitals like Alshadadeh hospital in the Southern countryside of Alhasakah.

Aljaza’awi also said that the organs of dead prisoners are used for the injured organization members with no mercy and no commitment to the rules of the Islamic religion. After finishing their needs with the organs the rest is sold to hospitals in Alraqa and Turkey their trade in human organs out of the sight of people in areas of presence.

From another side, Jwan Ibrahim the general commander of Asayish stated that those who behead people and hide bodies will for sure steal organs with no mercy and it is not strange from ISIS organization.



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