KSA: The International Forum: Media and its Role in Fanning Hatred and Violence



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In light of the escalating global situation, particularly in the Middle East, responsible and balanced media engagement is imperative on both Islamic and international levels. Biased or provocative media coverage, especially concerning events in Palestinian territories or disrespect towards religious sanctities, fuels societal tensions, ignites religious and racial hatred, and manifests in real-world consequences, ranging from violent practices to deepening divides between peoples and cultures.


The forum aims to focus on the media aspect of addressing sensitive and critical issues, offering in-depth analysis of flaws in media handling of these issues. It also highlights the strengths of media in fostering positive influence beneficial to all. The forum underscores the dangers of bias, misrepresentation, and incitement in such international issues, particularly those intertwined with religions and historical events.


Composed of various sessions, the forum includes influential Islamic and international figures, heads of Islamic organizations, international religious leaders from diverse faiths and cultures, and ministers of information. Permanent representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation attend, providing insights and general guidance on responsible handling of complex and sensitive issues.


Sessions discuss matters pertaining to international media, both negative and positive aspects of its engagement with religious and historical events relevant to interfaith and intercultural relations. Topics include addressing the Palestinian issue and instances of disrespect toward sacred symbols and religious figures.


The forum draws inspiration from resolutions by Islamic conferences of information and foreign ministers within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. These resolutions call for strengthening the role of the media in countering hate speech and extremism, contributing to the spread of a culture of peace and mutual respect. Additionally, the forum aligns with the noble principles of the “Mecca Document,” endorsed by leading Islamic scholars from various sects and acknowledged officially by Islamic states. The document serves as a reference in national institutions, establishing a world characterized by peace, connecting religions, peoples, and civilizations through bonds of solidarity and shared living, notably under Article Seventeen framing the concept of personal freedom and delineating its boundaries.


His Excellency Minister Ahmad Al-assaf,
The supervisor of official media in the State of Palestine, Chairman of the Board of the Palestinian News and Information Agency.

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