Jordan :popular march in the downtown area of the Jordanian capital


Location: Amman- Jordan

Language: Arabic

Duration: 2:17

Sound: Natural

Source: A24 in Jordan

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 17L11L2023



By  invitation of the Islamic Movement and the National Forum to Support the Resistance, a popular march was launched in the downtown area of the Jordanian capital, Amman, in support of Gaza and in rejection of the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip.


The massive public march comes under the title “America is the Head of Terrorism,” in reference to the American bias toward Israel, and their participation in the fight against innocents and civilians.




Murad Al-Adaileh – Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party

Today, America is leading the war in Gaza. America is responsible for the terrorism taking place in the Gaza Strip. America is responsible for war crimes, demolishing hospitals, and killing children and women.


Ali Abu Al-Sukkar – Member of the Shura Council of the Islamic Action Front Party

Greetings to our people in Gaza. Greetings to the resistance, especially the resistance fighters and the mujahideen, especially Hamas. This march today is not only to condemn the Zionist entity, but also to condemn America, the head of terrorism.


Saeed Dhiab – Secretary-General of the Popular Unity Party

A cry in the face of the world and its silence over the massacres to which the Palestinian people are exposed, this world that has been stripped of its humanity and sided with the aggression and genocide that is happening to the people of Gaza.


Rula Al-Haroub – President of the National Forum for Supporting Resistance and Protecting the Homeland

We hold the Zionist American administration responsible for the blood of Palestine’s children, women, and elderly, and for the war crimes committed by the enemy and the crimes of displacement and genocide

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