Yemen – Yemeni mother struggles to support her orphaned children


Despite the hardships and painful conditions, the Yemeni woman Imtiaz al-Zubairi struggles to provide for her children.
Al-Zubairi lost her husband and her job as a kindergarten teacher to a shell during the war and became the sole breadwinner for the orphans.
Speaking to A24, the woman said she decided to defy all circumstances and start her own business by marketing and selling handicrafts and accessories online.
Difficult living conditions forced this mother to flee her home with her children in search of safety after the death of her husband.
The people of Taiz praise her products and order them online after the Yemeni women became well known among them.
Imtiaz is one of the thousands of displaced widows in the war-torn country who depend on UNHCR’s support and fight to have minimum standards of living

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