Yemen – Yemenis voiced hopes war will end in 2023


With the advent of the new year 2023, most Yemenis expressed their hope for an end to the eight-year-old war to restore stability in their country.
They said it is the key solution to improving the economy, politics and security deteriorating due to the constant attacks of the Houthi group in the war-torn country.
A24 News Agency monitored, during a tour of the streets of Aden, the aspirations and hopes of Yemenis for the New Year, which were not realized in 2022.
Abdel Hamid Mohamed told A24 that he hopes for the end of the war, the stability of the exchange rate, the return of electricity and water services, and the improvement of the economic situation.

  • Soundbite (Abdul Hamid Muhammad – a citizen):

I hope that 2023 will be a year of stability for the Yemeni people and that the war will stop. I hope that the exchange rate will stabilize, that electricity, water and roads will return, and that there will be an improvement in infrastructure and investments.”

  • Soundbite (Ahmed Hassan – citizen):
    “We hope that they will improve the economy and other areas. The number of uneducated is increasing and ignorance is increasing because people are looking for jobs to support their families and are neglecting education. If the economic aspect and living conditions improve, there will be other aspects as well. We appeal to the officials to pay attention to this area.”
  • Soundbite (Aref Mater – citizen):
    “In the new year 2023, I wish to restore security, safety and peace in all regions of Yemen and the world. We also hope that the war will end soon for the benefit of the country.”
  • Soundbite (Moheeb Hassan – citizen):

“I wish in the new year that conditions will improve, the country will be in peace and tranquility, the war will end, and people will live happily and have sweet and beautiful days in the new year.”

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