Yemen – Citizens with kidney failure suffer amid closure of hospitals in Aden


Location: Aden – Yemen
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:03:17
Sound: natural
Source: A24 in Yemen
Restrictions: A24 subscribers
Date: 12/20/2022


Dr. Jabeen Abdul Shakour, head of the dialysis center in Al-Sadaqa Hospital in Yemen, told A24 that the closure of the center is due to the lack of dialysis solutions and medications for kidney patients. She called on the Yemeni Ministry of Health to support the center and facilitate its funding.

Citizens warned against repercussions of closing the center, with regards to their health, and called on the ministry to urgently resolve this issue and stop the closure of the center.


Soundbite (Dr. Jabeen Abdul Shakour – Head of dialysis center at Al-Sadaqa Hospital):
“We were afraid this might happen, to reach a point where we have to close down the center. There is no way we could keep it open, because no one takes our issue into consideration to provide solutions that aren’t a temporary fix. We have no choice now but to close down. We call on the government, benefactors, organizations, as well as the Minister of Health and Minister of State to plan a budget for us to keep operations going long-term, not for only a while. The center is empty, it is in very poor condition and a solution must be reached to properly resolve this issue, because the patients need treatment as soon as possible.”

Soundbite (Ahmad Abdullah – Father of Aisha, who suffers from kidney failure):
“This is my daughter, she suffers from kidney failure. She used to receive dialysis treatment three times a week, but then the treatment was reduced to twice a week because of the shortage of materials. Now there is lack of materials, which has led to the closure of the center. We have no idea what is going to happen to my daughter, she is using supplemental oxygen because of the excess fluids.”

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