Yemeni children of Taiz are prey to Houthi snipers


Location: Taiz, Yemen
Language: Arabic
Voice: Natural
Source: A24 Yemen
Restriction: A24 subscribers
Date: 17/12/2022
Houthi bullets are increasingly targeting residents, especially children, causing a state of panic among Yemenis who became victims of the daily Houthi snipping.
The child Muhammad Ammar is one of many casualties whom Houthi snipers targeted twice, the last of which was two days ago in Taiz.
Many children are being denied an education due to the constant bombing of schools in the war-torn country.
Shot list:

Shots of children playing and a child shot by a Houthi sniper

Soundbite (Ammar Youssef – the father of the injured child)
“My son was attacked by Houthi snipers from the Al-Sabri area while he was playing football with his teammates. This is the second time in a row. The first time he was shot in the head, but thanks god he survived.”

Soundbite (Nour al-Din al-Mansoori – human rights activist):
“Children are the most affected group in Taiz in particular, due to the systematic siege and indiscriminate targeting by the Houthis. During the eight years, we have noticed that snipers or projectiles killed many children. They are also deprived of education and a safe environment for playing. Children do not have the opportunity to practice their normal life.”

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