Jordan – Protesters demand government to reduce fuel prices


Location: Amman – Jordan
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:06:07
Sound: natural
Source: A24 in Amman
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Date: 12/07/2022


Smart application drivers in Jordanian capital, Amman, went on strike on Wednesday in protest against their economic situation. Leaders of the strike, called on all smart application drivers to participate in the protest against the rise in fuel prices.

Protesters said they faced 4 hikes in prices of diesel, but prices of water were not raised, sating that they cannot afford the prices of fuel, as the rise will eat up all their profits. They call on the government to reduce fuel prices so that they can continue working and cover their basic needs.

The drivers refused to end the strike, despite the announcement on Monday evening, of an agreement between the Transport Regulatory Authority and the Truck Owners Union to end the strike, stating that the union does not represent them or speak on their behalf, because it chose to put the interest of the government first over their own.

Protesters rejected the agreement that was announced by the head of the union, Muhammad Khair Al-Davoud, confirming the continuation of their strike in all locations until the all their demands are met at a time when the ports are suffering due to stagnation in operations.


Soundbite (Mohammed Al-Bashir – Jordanian economic analyst)
“The repercussions of Russian-Ukrainian war are among the reasons for the rise in prices of oil derivatives around the world. With the absence of transportation by airplanes and trains, cars and trucks are left as the main form of transportation without considering fuel prices.”

Soundbite (Saddam Abu Al-Sundos – Syndicate of Taxi Owners):
“The rise in fuel prices has affected us, in terms of lack of profits and the rise in prices of maintenance, auto parts and oils. Increase in price of fuel leads to increase in price of operating materials.”

Soundbite (Lawrence Al-Rifai – Chairman of the Voluntary Committee of Lekatan Smart Applications)
“We demand on behalf of Jordanian public for the Jordanian government to reduce the prices of diesel and oil derivatives, and to end the government’s interference with the citizens, because everyone is affected by the high prices.”

Soundbite (Mohammed Al-Tamari – President of the Independent Association of Public Drivers)
“We call on the Jordanian government to reduce fuel prices, so we do not resort to carry out strikes across the country.”

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