Yemen – Displaced persons in Jabal Zaid camp struggle with hunger and illness


Jabal Zaid displacement camp in Taiz governorate in Yemen lacks the basic needs, as many displaced persons in the camp suffer from hunger and illness.

Displaced persons in the camp complain from the lack of basic healthcare services and medical centers to treat urgent cases.

Many Yemenis fled their homes years ago to escape the shelling and war, that caused them to became homeless, unable to have the most basic needs of living.

The living conditions of displaced persons in camps are deteriorating as imminent famine looms amid a humanitarian crisis as a result of the war.


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  • Shots of a family living in poverty and illness.
  • Soundbite (Muhammad Ali – Displaced person):
    “I am an old man with six children, some of whom suffer from psychological issues and mental illness. One of my children works to provide for us but it is not enough to cover the family’s needs. My wife is trying to find work. We are waiting for humanitarian aid, but organizations have cut support.”
  • Shots of displaced persons and a sick person in bed.
  • Soundbite (Ahmed Murshid – Representative of Jabal Zaid displacement camp):
    “We have people with disabilities but no healthcare center. If a pregnant woman is to give birth, there is no facility here to help her, everything is far away and we do not have money for transportation. We need a healthcare center, foodstuffs and tents.”

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