Yemen – Winter exacerbates suffering of displaced persons in Taiz


As winter approaches, displaced persons in Jabal Zaid camp in Taiz governorate in southwestern Yemen, face double the suffering due to the lack of basic needs and supplies including tents, blankets, and mattresses to protect them from the cold weather, amid inability of government authorities and international and humanitarian organizations to provide the needed support.
Displaced persons call on concerned authorities and humanitarian organizations to provide the camp with supplies to protect them from the cold of winter.


Soundbite (Umm Muhammad – Displaced person):
“The weather is cold, and we have no blankets or mattresses, which has affected the health of our children. Organizations have not provided any support, there is lack of humanitarian aid. The tents are torn, we asked for tents, but they did not give us anything.”

Soundbite (Waddah Ali Saeed – Representative of Jabal Zaid displacement camp):
“The camp needs tents, blankets, and mattresses, especially during winter. The situation of displaced persons here is tragic, because Jabal Zaid camp does not have the basic needs, and organizations have not provided any support. The camp is in dire need of support, especially in these days of winter, as many children are getting sick.”

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