Yemen – PM condemns Houthi attack on Yemeni oil terminals


Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik told a press conference, held in Aden after Houthis targeted oil terminals in Hadhramaut, that the attack on oil export facilities is unjustified, adding that it is a dangerous turning point for Yemen and its surroundings.

The Prime Minister said these facilities belong to Yemeni people, adding that the Yemeni government is responsible for protecting the country’s assets, as he put it. He stated that the Yemeni government has carried out many, unusual reforms since 2020 until now.

PM Abdulmalik said during the press conference that the government faced the economic challenges caused by the pandemic with great distinction, as he put it.

Abdulmalik concluded the conference with the announcement of an agreement signed between the Yemeni government and the UAE, which stipulates the latter to transfer an amount of 111,000,00 UAE dirhams to the Central Bank of Yemen next Sunday.

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