Jordan – International Healthcare Travel Forum kicks off in Amman


Location: Amman – Jordan
Language: Arabic
Sound: natural
Source: A24 in Jordan
Restrictions: A24 subscribers
Date: 11/19/2022

The International Healthcare Travel Forum kicked off in Amman, with the participation of Arab and foreign countries.

Participants in the forum include a large number of representatives of international bodies specialized in medical tourism and healthcare travel, as well as a number of Jordanian and Arab ministers and ambassadors.

The forum discusses, in 11 dialogue sessions, the role laws, legislation, regulations, and approving quality of services play in ensuring provision of health services, in accordance with international standards and in a manner that guarantees patient rights.

It also discusses the importance of information technology and artificial intelligence in health care, the role of Jordanian and Arab diplomats, and international organizations in promoting health cooperation among countries.


  • Soundbite (Firas Al-Hawari – Jordanian Minister of Health):
    “We all hope that medical tourism will flourish in Jordan, after bouncing back from the pandemic.”
  • Soundbite (Mazin Al Farrayeh – Jordanian Minister of Interior):
    “Medical tourism in Jordan is very important for the country’s economy and tourism sector. The Ministry of Interior in Jordan plays a distinguished role in securing protection and entry for tourists visiting for treatment, as it has taken many measures to facilitate entry to the Kingdom. The number of visitors increased in 2022 to 1.8 million, due to the outstanding role of the Ministry of Interior in relation to entry measures.”
  • Soundbite (Haifa Abu Ghazaleh – Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab state):
    “It is very important for Jordan to be the host country for this forum, to promote tourist places in the Kingdom. Jordan has been well-known for its medical tourism for many years.”
  • Soundbite (Abdul Rahman Bucheeri – Head of Military Medical Committees in Bahraini Ministry of Interior):
    “Holding this forum after recovering from the pandemic has great importance in revitalizing Arab and regional tourism.”
  • Soundbite (Jamal Al-Adwani – Representative of State of Kuwait in the forum):
    “This forum holds great importance to us Kuwaitis, mainly because of Jordan’s close proximity to the State of Kuwait, and trade exchange between the two countries. One of the most prominent plans set by Kuwaiti government is sending 600 students yearly to Jordan to study medicine.”
  • Soundbite (Nayef Al-Fayez – Jordanian Minister of Tourism):
    “Medical tourism in Jordan represents a special aspect in the tourism sector and the economic vision the government has for the country. It is an essential element that will play a major role in the next 10 years.”
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