Jordan prepares for the World Cup in Qatar


Location: Amman, Jordan
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:03:39
Voice: Natural
Source: A24 Jordan
Restriction: A24 subscribers
Date: 17/11/2022
As part of Jordan’s preparations to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Amman opened the largest village to watch the World Cup matches that will be held in Qatar on November 20.
The village aims to hold the largest World Cup gathering that brings together Jordanians and Arabs interested in sports in a huge village to live the atmosphere of the World Cup, according to the organizers.
The village contains giant screens and several halls, an exhibition for selling products, and a museum for displaying the most prominent pictures of international teams that won in previous international competitions.
Shot list:

  • Soundbite (Sufyan Muheisen – General Manager of the village)
    “For the first time in Jordan, a heritage village is being held that simulates the Arab culture of the Qatar World Cup. It has private and public seating, for families and friends. The village contains several sections, including the World Cup Heritage Festival, and recreational activities for visitors to the global village.
  • Soundbite (Awni Freij – sports journalist):
    “The village is a good place for families who love to follow football and live the atmosphere of the World Cup, through the huge screens. I think the Jordanian fans will enjoy watching the World Cup.”
  • Soundbite (Heba Al-Sabbagh – sports journalist):
    “For those who have visited Souq Waqif in Qatar, I tell them that if you visit Jordan, especially the Anbar market, you will see its facilities similar to the traditions and heritage of Qatar. It is a commercial or profitable venture. The entry price is very low to allow visitors to enjoy all the activities of the World Cup.”
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