Jordan – Jordanian man starts his project to spread Arabic calligraphy in Arab world


Location: Amman, Jordan
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:04:01
Voice: Natural
Source: A24 Jordan
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Date: 13/11/2022

Arabic Calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting based on the Arabic alphabet that people tend to learn as one of the fine arts. It features cursive letters that result in a variety of wonderful designs and geometric shapes.
Anas Muhammad, the owner of the “Arabic Calligraphy House Project” told A24 that Arabic calligraphy is part of the Arab identity and culture that he wants to spread in the Arab world.
Calligraphy has been known since ancient times and transmitted through the ages through what was written and engraved on manuscripts and domes, according to Anas.
This Arabic art is used to decorate mosques and palaces sometimes with written Quranic verses

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Soundbite (Anas Mohamed – Arabic calligraphy coach and owner of the “Arabic Calligraphy House Project):
“We consider Arabic calligraphy to be part of Arab culture and civilization. It is part of the Arabic language such as poetry, rhetoric, grammar, and morphology. Arabic calligraphy was also a means of memorizing the Holy Qur’an and transmitting it to us. It was also a means of transmitting poetry and literature to us. Arabic calligraphy was also written and engraved on Shots of Arabic calligraphy tools.
Shots of coach Anas Mohamed while writing
Soundbite (Anas Mohamed – Arabic calligraphy coach):
“Through my practice of Arabic calligraphy, I found that the number of trainers in Arabic calligraphy is very few in the Arab world. When I opened my project for the House of Arabic Calligraphy, I discovered that Jordan and the Arab world really needed such centers to teach and improve Arabic calligraphy. So, I opened a project to spread the culture of Arabic calligraphy among Arab people.

Soundbite (Sultan Al-Husseini – trainee):
“The reason for joining the handwriting improvement course is that my handwriting was incomprehensible, but it has improved well. The teacher in my school now allows me to write on the board after my handwriting has improved. My friends are now learning from me how to write letters.”

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