Jordanians protest against water agreement with Israel


Location: Downtown, Amman, Jordan
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:03:03
Source: A24 Amman
Restriction: A24 subscribers
Date: 11/11/2022
Jordanian National Campaign Against the Gas Agreement with Israel staged a protest Jordan’s capital Amman after Friday prayers. The protest was organized under the slogan “Stop the Zionists of our country, no to the Zionists ruling Jordan’s water” with the participation of dozens of citizens and some officials in political parties, in rejection of the water-for-energy agreement recently signed with the Israel.
Demonstrators raised the flags of Jordan and Palestine and chanted slogans against the water and gas agreements in support of Jerusalem and the Palestinian resistance, demanding a termination to all treaties with Israel, including the Wadi Araba peace treaty.
Shot list:

  • Soundbite (Hisham Al-Bustani – Coordinator of the campaign against Israeli gas):
    “We are here to condemn the decision-makers. Mortgaging Jordan’s waters in the hands of the Zionist entity in addition to its energy is a new crime committed against Jordan. This is a disaster, especially since these strategic resources are used as weapons. As we saw in the Ukrainian conflict, Russia uses gas as a weapon in the face of Europe. Today decision-makers in Jordan choose to put Jordan’s water, after putting its energy and electricity, in the hands of Netanyahu and his extremist government.
  • Soundbite ( Khaled Al-Juhani – Political Activist):
    “The first demand is the cancellation of all these agreements that mortgage Jordan’s sovereignty and independence to the Zionist enemy. The second is to cancel the Wadi Araba agreement, which is the main cause of evil in this country and the destruction of Jordan’s future.
  • Shots of chants condemning the agreements of Jordan and Israel during the protest in the center of the capital, Amman
  • Soundbite (Muhammad Al-Absi – Coordinator of the campaign against the gas agreement):
    “From a political, economic and sovereign point of view, Jordan must cancel all the agreements that link it to the Zionist entity with its water and electricity. These agreements do not benefit Jordan and Jordan does not need them. Therefore, the continuation of these agreements is as if we are giving new facilities to the Zionist entity to blackmail us and cut off electricity.”

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