Jordan inaugurates 7th edition of World Social Media Forum


Location: Amman, Jordan
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:03:46
Voice: Natural
Source: A24 Jordan
Restriction: A24 subscribers
Date: 9/11/2022


The seventh edition of the World Social Media Forum kicked off today Wednesday in Jordan’s capital, Amman, featuring media and parliamentary figures.
The forum discussed issues related to digital and traditional media, as well as alternative social media.
The forum included the “Peacock Awards” ceremony on the red carpet, in the presence of media stars, art stars and companies nominated and qualified to participate and register for the award.
According to the organizers, the event is considered one of the most successful and pioneering conferences on social networking sites in Jordan, as it is characterized by the presence of media, public relations, and social communication influencers.


  • Soundbite (Ayman Arsheed – CEO of the Global Social Media Forum):
    “We will highlight a number of issues affecting social media. I trust that the elite here is able to tackle all issues related to digital and social media. I also underscore your ability to provide a scientific view of these sites to help decision-makers in all fields to invest in these media in the best way.”
  • Soundbite (Muhammad al-Momani – Former Minister of State for Information Affairs and a member of the Jordanian Senate):
    “The important question in my opinion is how to take advantage of the audience presence on social media so that we can market the facts well. Jordan is characterized by openness, but with limits. I mean, we were treating social media activists as if they were newspaper editors! Whether the activist is political, social or interested in fashion.”
  • Soundbite (Paula Yacoubian – Member of the Lebanese Parliament):
    “Sometimes the ideas of the public from the street are not supported or funded. I would like to point out that the manipulation of truth in the Arab world is much more than correct education and dissemination of knowledge and cultural and political awareness.”
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