Tunisia – Counselors protest against working conditions in Tunis


Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:54

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Tunis

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 31/10/2022


Today, Monday, dozens of guides, counselors, and workers in Tunisian institutes organized a protest, denouncing their working conditions in the Tunisian capital.

The contractors were hired after a national discussion, but according to them, the situation has become very precarious over the past five years, working only during the school season at very low wages and being unemployed in the summer.

The protesters demanded a solution to their problem and the restoration of what they described as “professional dignity” that guarantees them a decent life so that they can fully perform their duty to the students.

Shot list:

Soundbite (Muhammed Al-Tayeb Abdi – Contracted Curator):

“We sacrificed for the country. It was supposed that the contract would be for a period of one year only to be appointed as temporary agents and finally be appointed. But what happened is that we kept singing contracts one after the other. Every year we wait for the beginning of the school year when the situation is usually settled in other sectors. But our issue has been ignored.”

Soundbite (Hatem Al-Zari – security guide)

“There are workers among us who have been working for four or five years and have not yet been hired. We work under difficult conditions just like our hired colleagues but without social security coverage or the monthly wage like them. We get a grant of 600 Tunisian dinars (about $182) from one year to other”.

Soundbite (Abrine Ghazwani – National Coordinator for Curators and Mentors)

“I challenge the Minister of Education, who is looking at us, to go a month without pay. I really challenge him! These protesters have not been paid for two years, some may consider it an exaggeration, but this is the truth. We are responsible for any administrative error. I will not talk about who died in the time of Corona or the sick among us who do not have money for treatment.”

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