Tunisia – Supporters of Free Constitutional Party organize a protest movement against high cost of living in Tunisia


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic


Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Tunisia

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 10/15/2022


Hundreds of supporters of opposition Free Constitutional Party rallied in capital Tunis Saturday, led by party president, Abeer Moussa, in protest against the dire economic situation, blaming President of the Republic, Kais Saied for the state the country is in.

Protestors raised slogans denouncing the economic situation, policy of impoverishment, high prices and scarcity of basic necessities, calling on the president of the republic to bear responsibility and fulfill his duties for the country and its people.


– Soundbite (Maryam Touhami – Tunisian Observatory for Defense of Civilian Character of State):

“Tunisians are experiencing for the first time this level of hunger and lack of basic necessities, which is a catastrophic crisis, the state of which is the first in the history of Tunisia. We are protesting against foreign policies and government incompetence, and financial and economic problems. I am here today to say that Tunisia should not be divided by parties or associations, we should unite under one nationality. I call on everyone to join us as we demonstrate peacefully for all Tunisians for a better tomorrow. We, as a civil society, fight for the rights of everyone in support of Tunisia and our principles. Our country is an independent, civil, democratic state, a republic of social and legal justice, economy and prosperity, I hope that the ordeal ongoing for the past eleven years will finally end.”

– Soundbite (Muhammad al-Taher bin Ibrahim – Retired employee, supporter of Free Constitutional Party):

“We believed that the new president would reform the country, grant us our rights, and give the people what they deserve, but he does not care for the citizens or respect the resistance in the country. Tunisia is not a game but a state and home to the people, resistance and fighters who expelled French oppression, and tyranny. There is lack of milk, bread, and wages. We also have shortage of fuel, which is the basis of the country’s economy and its engine. We are here to expel oppression and injustice, he either resolves issues in the country or we will force him to leave.”

– Soundbite (Habib – Employee, supporter of Free Constitutional Party):

“What Al-Nahda left unfinished, Kais Saied completed. He does not talk to us and does not care. Tunisia stopped functioning, it is sinking. Our young men died and got buried without identification. There is nothing more for me to say.”

– Soundbite (Mahmoud – Supporter of Free Constitutional Party):

“The country is in very bad condition. People are struggling with the high cost of living, lack of order, bribery and parallel markets that the state turned a blind eye to and encouraged. All I see for tomorrow and days after is darkness and despair.”

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