Yemen – Citizens from Taiz and Aden in a struggle with war and food insecurity


Language: Arabic

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Source: A24 in Yemen

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Date: 10/12/2022


Malnutrition in Yemen is a preexisting health problem but the conflict that started nearly seven years has exacerbated malnutrition in Hajjah Governorate and surrounding areas in northwestern Yemen.

Malnutrition is highly prevalent among children under the age of five, as Doctors without Borders data indicated an alarming rise in the number of cases this year.

A total of 3,377 patients were admitted to hospitals between June and November of 2021.

The percentage of children suffering from malnutrition associated with other medical complications such as respiratory infections and acute diarrhea has increased by 76 percent compared to the previous year.


– Soundbite (Umm Yassin from Taiz):

“Two of my children suffer from malnutrition. We are poor as my husband is a daily wage worker, so we can only afford one meal per day. We demand the provision of foods aid, as we have gone six months without any.”

– Soundbite (Um Ahmed from Aden – Mother of malnourished boy):

“My son became ill because of poor living conditions, we took him to the hospital when we were able to afford it. Sometimes we have food and other times we don’t have anything. Living conditions these days are very difficult.”

– Soundbite (Dr. Abdulqawi Dirham Al-Mikhlafi from Aden – Head of Nutrition Department at Al-Suwaidi Hospital):

“Malnutrition existed before the war but worsened when war began, as number of cases both moderate and severe multiplied greatly. Unfortunately, resources are limited, in addition to lack of aid and food insecurity. We hope to receive aid from any governmental or non-governmental organizations.”

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