Syria – Protesters demand security after killing of media activist and wife in eastern Aleppo


Location: Aleppo – Syria

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:37

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Syria

Date: 10/10/2022


Dozens of residents of Al-Bab area in eastern Aleppo carried out massive protests, denouncing the poor security situation in the region, after the assassination of activist Muhammad Abu Ghannoum and his wife.

The protest movement is aimed at achieving demands for security in the city.

A24 correspondent in northern Syria confirmed the arrest of those involved in the assassination of media activist Muhammad Abu Ghannoum and his wife, who were in Al-Hamza Division, Second Corps.

Citizens said that the protests came after the arrest of the suspects in the assassination. The Syrian National Army was able to make the arrest, in cooperation with the Military Police, after confrontations with the suspects.


– Soundbite (Khaled Abdel Latif – Protester):

“There was another martyr today, totaling 6 so far. We do not understand why this is happening? To what end? All we are asking for is freedom.”

– Soundbite (Qasim Jamous – Protester): 

“We are currently committing civil disobedience for limited number of hours in order to deliver a message to concerned authorities. We demand institutions to fulfill their duties and meet our demands, the main one being provision of security forces to stop lawlessness.

– Soundbite (Mohamed Hazoury – Protester):

“We demand the dismissal of security institutions along with security factions. We hold Turkey fully responsible for deliberately leaving the country without security or law enforcement.”

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