Turkey – Istanbul’s seventh Arabic Book Fair themed “A World Without Borders” kicks off


Location: Turkey, Istanbul

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:48

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Istanbul

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Date: 08/10/2022


The seventh edition of International Arabic Book Fair themed “A world without borders” was launched in Istanbul, Turkey, last Saturday, with a remarkable Arab presence. During the fair, which continues until October 9, a variety of lectures were held on culture, politics and economics, delivered by lecturers from more than 15 countries. Jenan Jaber, director of the Jordanian House of Education for Publishing and Distribution, participating in the fair from Jordan, praised the good organization of the fair and the continuous coordination between them and the management. Muhammad Taha, told A24 that he was keen to buy human development books from the exhibition as “reading feeds the mind.” Kamal Jaafar, media coordinator of the fair, told A24 that the slogan of “a world without borders” means that books and reading transcend borders and distances between peoples and gather them under one roof.

Shot list:

  • Soundbite (Jenan Jaber, director of the Jordanian House of Education for Publishing and Distribution (:

The fair is well organized and attracts large numbers of visitors daily. The exhibition management is constantly communicating with us to meet all our needs. As for our participation, we are showing products for children called Arts of Education, a Jordanian production company that produces 200 to 300 religious, entertainment and educational products for ages 3 to 13.”

  • Soundbite (Muhamad Taha – visitor):

“Istanbul International Book Fair includes about 15,000 books on human development, novels and more. I have bought more than one book and a novel by Faisal Al-Ansari, The Book of Time. It is one of the best novels in the exhibition.”

  • Soundbite (Dr. Kamal Jaafar, the fair’s media coordinator):

“The Seventh Istanbul International Fair for Arabic Books witnessed many developments, starting with the edition’s slogan “A World Without Borders”, which considers the book as a world without borders and brings everyone together under one roof. This year’s fair is also characterized by an increase in publishing houses and participating countries, which include 29 Arab and non-Arab countries, in addition to the host country being Turkey. Many cultural activities were held in this year’s event, including lectures and activities for children, in addition to a new section, which is the shipping section for the online service via e-mail to the exhibition. The book is shipped to the sent address.

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