Lebanon – Protest against Iranian regime’s practices against women


Location: Beirut – Lebanon

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:19

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Lebanon

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 02/10/2022


A group of feminism activists organized this Sunday afternoon outside National Museum in capital Beirut a protest under the title “Feminists for Jenna” (Mahsa Amini), in support and solidarity with feminism activists in Iran.

This protest coincides with others across the world including Istanbul, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Vancouver, and Rotterdam, against the practices of Iranian regime against women and its suppression of freedoms.

Protesters chanted slogans, including: “It is not about the veil, it is about the oppression and tyranny,” “Our revolution is for feminism,” and “Freedom is freedom.”

Mahsa Amini died of torture after she was arrested by Iranian “moral police” on September 16, due to her “inappropriately” wearing hijab, which sparked protests across Iran.


– Soundbite (Sahar – Protester):

“This protest is in support and solidarity with women. It is unacceptable to kill women over wearing of the veil. The veil is a social garment, not to be used as justification for killing.”

– Soundbite (Sana – Protester):

“There is global call from Iranian women around the world to organize these protests around the world, in support and solidarity with Iranian women, and the uprising they are carrying out. We are here to tell them they are not alone, as our struggle as women s part of their for freedom and justice. What women in Iran face is faced by many women living in repressive regimes in Arab countries and other parts of the world. Iranian women own their bodies, their choices and decisions are their own. We will stand with them no matter what.”

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