Iraq – 13 people rescued, search for trapped continue after 4-storey building collapsed in Baghdad


Location: Karrada District – Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:34

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Baghdad

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 01/10/2022


The Director of the Civil Defense Department, Kazem Bohan, announced that its teams managed to rescue 13 people after the collapse of a residential building in the Karrada district of Baghdad Saturday morning.

In a statement, Bohan said that about 18 people were inside the 4-storey building, 13 of whom have been rescued so far. He added that the civil defense team continues to search for survivors trapped under the rubble.

The Civil Defense has not announced any casualties yet.

Shot list:

Soundbite (Sana Abbas Al-Tamimi – Al-Ghadeer Municipality Department):

“We, the Al-Ghadir Municipality Department in the Municipality of Baghdad, came today to help in this tragic situation that happened for the first time in Baghdad. We brought all our machinery and did our best to support Karrada Municipality. All the municipal institutions are involved as well as the police, the army, the Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent. Maybe we can rescue the families besieged, and we hope to get her out.”

Soundbite (Brigadier General Hassan Ibrahim Hassan – Assistant Director General of Iraq’s Civil Defense):

” Today at 10 am, a 4-storey commercial building collapsed. About 20 rescue teams from the Civil Defense rushed to the scene, with the support of the Iraqi search and rescue team and an international team specialized in search and rescue operations. They used heavy machinery. We managed to rescue 13 people from under the rubble. Search and rescue operations are continuing for those trapped under the rubble, about 3 people. Rescue operations will take as long as a day or two. We hope to rescue those trapped under the rubble.”

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