Tunisia – Tunisian women condemn killing of Mahsa Amini, confirm their support for Iran’s protests


Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Language: Arabic


Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Tunis

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 01/10/2022


Tunisian civil rights activists staged a protest yesterday Friday in front of the Iranian Cultural Center in Tunis to support the protests of Iranian women and denounce the repression of their rights and freedoms.

Naila Zoghlami, president of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, told A24 that the association supports movements condemning the killing of Iranian Mahsa Amini, adding that neither the authority nor in the name of religion has the right to control women’s bodies and restrict their freedoms.

Participants raised banners reading, “My body is not sin” and “we stand with and support women in Iran”. They also chanted slogans calling for women’s freedom in Iran and demanding an end to all forms of discrimination against women.

 Shot list:

  • Soundbite (Sarah bin Said – Voices of Women organization):

” We are here in solidarity with women in Iran and against the tyranny they are subjected to, including forcing them to wear the hijab and suppressing their freedoms. We would also like to remind people that we in Tunisia face the same threat after the adoption of the July 25th constitution and under the new electoral system that excludes women and deprives them of their right to equality.”

– Soundbite (Najla Qiddiya – political and civil rights activist):

“We want to convey a message that we support our women peers in Iran and in the whole the world who are victims of masculinity and oppression of women. It is an absolute and unconditional support for Iranian and Tunisian women and for all the peoples and women of the world.”

  • Soundbite (Naila Zoghlami – President of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women):

“We organized this protest in solidarity with all women in Iran and other countries against the suppression of their rights and against everything that considers a woman’s body and hair a sin that must be covered and hidden from society, whether in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Afghanistan. or in any country. Society is still considered patriarchal and masculine, and in the name of religion it is still considered to have the right to control women’s bodies.”

– Soundbite (Asrar Ben Jouira – Intersection Association for Rights and Freedoms):

“We came here today in solidarity with the Iranian women against the massacre faced recently. They took to the streets and refused to wear the hijab, so they killed them. They killed more than 65 women. We are here because we are feminists and we believe that feminists have no boundaries. This is in solidarity with all feminists in the world.”

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