Tunisia – Protest to demand the return of Tunisians trapped in hotbeds of tension


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic


Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Tunisia

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 09/20/2022


Rescue Association of Tunisians Trapped Abroad on Tuesday organized a protest in support of investigation into leaders of Ennahda movement in the case of deportation of young men to hotbeds of tension in Syria and Libya.

Families gathered outside the anti-terrorism center in capital Tunis, demanding the return of their trapped sons and family members to Tunisia and to hold accountable those responsible for their deportation and deception, as they put it.

President of the Rescue Association of Tunisians Trapped Abroad, Mohammed Iqbel Ben Rejeb, stressed the need to return Tunisians from hotbeds of tension, listen to their statements, and hold accountable political parties who encouraged them to travel and join armed groups.


– Soundbite (Mukhtar – Father of a young man in Syria):

“My son was pardoned but has been in Syrian prisons since 2012 and has not returned until this day. He called me in 2017 and in 2018, said they will be released. He called me in 2020 from prison and said they are waiting to be released, waiting for Tunisian government to respond. All we want and are waiting for is the return of our sons. I still do not know if I will get the chance to reunite with my son before I die.”

– Soundbite (Mohammed Iqbel Ben Rejeb – President of the Rescue Association of Tunisians Trapped Abroad):

“We demand the return of those trapped abroad, and to hold accountable those who deported our young men. Whoever committed this crime are the reason why women and children have not returned to Tunisia. They should return and their statements should be heard, as they represent irrefutable testimonies and are the proof needed to hold high ranked people from political parties accountable.”

– Soundbite (Khadija – Mother of a missing person in Syria):

“I came to talk about my son who is in Syria, he has been there for 9 years. They have been keeping my son for 9 long years. My life feels empty without him.”

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