Iraq – Iraqis call on political parties to forge a roadmap to end government paralysis


Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:41

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Baghdad

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Date: 18/08/2022


Ordinary Iraqis are increasingly anxious over the continued sit-in and political standoff at the parliament building in Baghdad.

Baghdad resident Abu Seif Al-Salawi told A24 that the Iraqi people are victims of their politicians’ stalemate and are tired of the deterioration of public services and rising unemployment.

On Thursday, the Sadrist movement renewed its rejection of the dialogue initiated by acting Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

Al Sadr demands a rewrite of the constitution, abolishing the country’s sectarian quota system and insisting that foreign powers- meaning Iran and the United States- leave the country.

Al-Sadr’s spokesman Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, called on political forces to hold a public dialogue session via live broadcast, questioning what happens during closed and secret sessions that do not consider the legitimate desires of the people to bring security and safety to the country.

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–   Soundbite (Nabil Al-Azzawi – Political Analyst):

“Al-Kazemi’s initiative was one of the priorities and conditions, the most important of which is that we not get into fight, especially since the two parties have weapons and influence. Everyone should bear in mind that the Iraqi people witnessed many tragedies, and everyone must work hard to find a quick solution to get out of this crisis, which has become more complicated in this cloudy political situation.”

– Soundbite (Wael Al-Rikabi – Political Analyst):

“Everyone today appeals to the Sadrist movement to join the dialogue, and I think it is the starting point. This indicates that the majority of all the components of the Iraqi people with its Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite political classes from the framework and others, have gathered in this dialogue, and agreed on a set of issues in which the constitution must be respected, the political process must be respected and state institutions must be preserved. So I think that it would resolve matters, and can lead to good results. If there was insistence to go on a visit to Mr. Muqtada, I think he would join the negotiations and these dialogues and put forward all his ideas that everyone will receive with open arms, because there is a general desire to get out of this impasse and this political crisis.”

– Soundbite (Abu Seif Al-Salawi-citizen):

“Nine or ten months have passed since the elections, and so far there is no president or prime minister to the counrty because of the ongoing conflicts between parties., The Iraqi people are victims and are very tired as there are no services for the great number of the unemployed. We demand the dissolution of parliament, the formation of a new government, or a new parliament even if they make it presidential.”

– Soundbite (Sorour Al-Daoudi – activist):

“Businesses and activities are all disrupted and suspended. Prices are rising and rents are all high. The Iraqi situation is almost dependent on the formation of the new Iraqi government. We ask the political forces to get each other’s point and speed up the formation of the Iraqi government. Since the fall of the former regime many years ago and so far, Iraqi citizens have not enjoyed well-being or seen any progress. we go backwards with each government. So, we demand the political forces to find a solution in this regard to develop the country.”

– Soundbite (Amer Al-Karadi):

“The beginning of the political process for the infrastructure is a failed beginning. These classifications and these divisions, on a sectarian, national and ethnic basis, are a failure. These differences have existed since the beginning until now. The country is unstable.”

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