Yemen – After a hard war- Aden teens learn soft skills to succed at work


Location: Aden, Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:40

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Yemen

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 15/08/2022


Teenagers in Aden are using time gained by the extension of a four-month-old cease-fire in Yemen to gather at an 8-day summer camp to practice the soft skills necessary to join an economy ravaged by a hard seven-year-long war.

400 young men and women from different districts of the southern port city are learning how to be self-motivated and dependable team members and leaders.

Organizers from the Civil Network for Media, Development, and Human Rights and the Aden Promising Youth Foundation told A24 that the event helps participants build their talents and direct their energies to contribute to the construction and development process.

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Soundbite (Abdul Ghaffar Munib – Participant in the summer camp):

“Because of the current conditions and the war, one could not bring out his talent. We spend most of our time in the streets because there is nowhere to go. When we heard about this program that brought us together, we immediately got involved. It is better than sitting in the street. We do not have any talents. We hope to benefit from the camp and acquire the necessary experiences and skills in the labor market.”

Soundbite (Afnan Al-Saqqaf – Participant):

“We came today to take advantage of this camp, which provides many opportunities for young people from different regions of Aden. This gives us the opportunity to choose our preferred field, whether it is a cultural field, a humanitarian field, a sports field, or a health field. There are many fields one can join to benefit from and develop oneself.”

Soundbite (Dr. Mahmoud Shaif – President of the Civil Network for Media, Development and Human Rights):

“The camp will last for eight days, starting from the fourteenth to the twenty-first of this month (August). About 400 young men and women from different regions of Aden will participate in it. The main objective of this camp is to provide opportunities for young people to practice their activities, interact with each other, and positively participate in the camp to discover their abilities and talents. This will develop their awareness of the issues and problems of their society and will lead to active participation in the development process and country building in the future.”

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