Syria – Snakes and scorpions threaten lives of the displaced in Idlib camps


Location: Harbnoush Camp, Idlib countryside, Syria

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:19

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 North Syria

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 24/07/2022


Displaced Syrians in Idlib countryside are at risk of snakes and scorpions repeated sneaking into their tents in Harbnoush Camp. Many camps in Idlib are located in mountainous areas, which is the natural habitat for reptiles. Some camps are close to landfills and agricultural lands far from hospitals and healthcare centers. The lack of protective gears, antivenins, and injections in the majority of the camps exacerbated residents’ suffering. Dozens of deaths from bites by snakes and scorpions are annually reported in displaced camps in Syria.

 Shot list:

Soundbite (Muhamad Yasser – resident of the camp):

“I am Abu Yasser, a displaced from the northern countryside of Maarat. More than 200 families are living here in Harbnoush Camp in the mountain. We suffer from snakes and scorpions in this mountainous rugged area. There are a lot of snakes here. There are no healthcare centers nearby. If anyone gets bitten, we have to take him to the city of Idlib to take a dose of medicine for the bite. Last week, we found 8 snakes and 6 scorpions in our tent and that happens on a daily basis. We stay up late to protect our children from these reptiles.”

– Soundbite (Khadija Al-Ali – resident of the camp):

“We have been suffering from snakes for three years and could not help doing anything. We don’t know where to go. All health care centers are far from here. We do not allow children to leave the house because of snakes and scorpions. We brought all anti-snake medicines for nothing.”

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