Saudi Arabia announced the execution of 47 people on charges of terrorism and incitement

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The Ministry of Interior issued a statement on Saturday morning, regarding the implementation of the death sentence against 47 people on terrorism charges after being convicted of targeting the security and military headquarters, in an attempt to hit the national economy.





Saudi Interior carried out the death sentence on Saturday against 47 Saudis, including the oppositionist Nimer Al Nimer, and Faris Al Shwil , one of al Qaeda theorists of in Saudi Arabia, in addition to the other defendants including an Egyptian, Chadian , after being accused of targeting the headquarters of security and military bodies, pursuing to hit the national economy, inflicting harm to the Saudi’s status, relations and interests with friendly countries, according to a statement issued by the Saudi Interior.

It was explained in a statement that those who were executed, were involved in a series of attacks, carried out by al-Qaeda in the period 2003 to 2006.

The verdicts were ratified by the Court of Appeal, as well as from the Supreme Court. A royal order was also issued to implement what was been

decided legitimately. It is worth mentioning that Iran had warned that the execution of the Nimer will cost Saudi a lot.

The spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Justice, Mansoor Alagafara, announcing at the press conference that the provisions of retribution issued by a specialized court, in the light of warranties expressed in his defense, in which dismissal in judgment is not allowed until exhausting of all levels of litigation. In this court Judicial assistance was applied, the Ministry of Justice has committed to appoint a lawyer to those who has not been able to appoint a lawyer



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