Tunisia – Tunisians voiced dismay at continued judges’ strike


Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:30

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Tunisia

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 29/06/2022


The Tunisian people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the continued strike of judges and the closure of courts across the country for the fourth consecutive week, denouncing the president’s decision to dismiss 57 judges. Tunisians said the strike adversely affected the public interest and disrupted legal services, adding that it would exacerbate the current economic and political crisis in Tunisia. Some described the move as a pointless “rebellion”.

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Soundbite (Ala’a – Tunisian man):

“My nephew has been arrested for several days, but he is innocent. The strike is a weakness for me and for the person who wants to strike.”

Soundbite (Salah Eddin – Tunisian man):

” The country is going through harsh conditions. This is not the time to strike. The president has only one year left, so he began to review decisions on governance. As a citizen, I see that both sides are right, but this is not the right time to strike.”

Soundbite (Awatef – Tunisian woman):

The ongoing strike disrupted legal services across the country. I have official documents that must be issued. Other people have court cases to file. People should discuss ways to develop the country instead of going on strike to defend the corrupt.”

Soundbite (Omar – Tunisian man):

“Going on a strike is rebellion. I am totally against such a move whatever the reasons. I believe that justice is the basis of urbanization. f justice is lost, the whole country will collapse. The judges’ strike is very disappointing.”

Soundbite (Jellouli – Tunisian man):

“The strike is pointless and unreasonable. It goes against people’s interests. They should have taken into account the public interest before striking, not just their own.”

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