Tunisia – Tunisians present their inventions at Innovation Days event


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:38

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Tunis.

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Date: 28/06/2022


AlShadli AlHafian innovated a robotic eagle that soars over farmlands to scare away birds and protect agricultural products, which secured him funding from the World Bank. Many other young Tunisians presented various innovations and inventions at Innovation Days event.

Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation organized the event to promote the best projects, start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs in Tunisia. The event included twenty-three projects from Tunisians, in addition to foreign investors from Algeria, Morocco, Libya and the Gulf.


Soundbite (AlShadli AlHafian – Doctor of Applied Mechanics and Head of Robotic Eagle Project):

“The project I’m working on is a robotic eagle, which is used in farming villages to resolve problems farmers face regarding birds that attack their agricultural products, and cause crop losses of 20-30%. The robotic eagle is used in these villages to scare away birds, in order to protect the agricultural products. This project is funded by the World Bank with an amount of 100,000 dinars, contributed through the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. We are working on the project in cooperation with the Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Siliana. This event is an opportunity to introduce our innovations and publicize our work in order to meet investors and benefactors who can fund our projects.”

Soundbite (Dr. Malak Shanofi – Organization director of Innovation Days):

“We wanted to promote, through this event, entrepreneurship and innovation of SMEs and start-ups with high added value, that contribute to building the knowledge economy across the region. The event includes many start-ups from Tunisia, as well as investment institutions and companies from Tunisia, North Africa and the Middle East. The goal is to promote a unified entrepreneurial environment to support and accelerate the building of an economy based on entrepreneurship and innovation across the region.”

Soundbite (Hamad Al-Saleh – Saudi investor in the technical field):

“I am proud to be here at this event. The ideas presented by young Tunisians are very impressive, there are innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IOT). I would like to convey a message that these innovators and inventors need support because their abilities are impressive enough to achieve successes on a global scale. Tunisians are well-known and respected around the world for their intellect and knowledge. All they need is a chance to reach the heights. I wish them all the best.”

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