National Coordination Committee meets Democratic Self-Administration in Qamishli

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A delegation from the National Coordination Body, headed by the general coordinator of the body, Hassan Abdel Azim met with the chairman of the Foreign Relations Commission in the Democratic Self-Administration in Qamishli, Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, to discuss consensus within the administration and the formed delegation, to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria, and to emphasize the importance of the democratic self-administration role in the coming negotiations.

The general coordinator of the national coordination body of the democratic change force , met with a delegation including members of the Executive Bureau of the body, and the Democratic Self-Administration, represented by the President of the Commission of Foreign Relations, Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, in order to confirm their adherence to their alliance to the Democratic Self-Administration

and the Syrian Democratic Union party , and in joining the supreme body of the negotiations, which will negotiate with the Syrian regime at the next Geneva Conference.

Hassan Abdel Azim indicated, during speaking about the reason for his visit to the Democratic Self-Administration areas, that it aimed at communicating with their allies and their partners represented by the Democratic Union Party and Democratic Self-Administration, and parties affiliated.

Azim is supposed to meet with representatives from the Kurdish National Council and the joint governance of island affiliated to self-administration, as well as a group of notable Arab tribes during the next two days

On the other hand, Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, chairman of the Foreign Relations body in the Democratic self-Administration, stressed the convergence of views regarding the Syrian crisis, stressing the importance of finding a democratic and peaceful way to end the crisis, confirming that they are part of the Syrian society and capable of leading the reforming process in Syria. He added that the Democratic self -administration program success should be a role model in the other regions in building new Syria, Syria the decentralized pluralistic democracy.



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