Palestine -Gazan young man fights hard living conditions with making Arghul


Location: Palestine, Gaza

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:06:18

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Gaza

Restriction: A24 Subscribers

Date: 08/06/2022


A Palestinian young man goes to the Gaza beach to play Arghul, an ancient and typically Palestinian musical instrument, as part of his efforts to revive the Palestinian heritage and earn a living.

Mohammed Hamida from the Gaza Strip told A24 News Agency’s reporter Mohammed Al-Najjar that he used to go to the beach and play the Arghul to attract people to buy the double clarinet instrument made of dried cane.

Seeking to preserve this craft amid poor living conditions in Gaza, Mohammed said he collects reeds in summer, dries them, and makes holes in them arranged according to the musical scale.

Khaled Qudeih, Gazan man, spoke to A24 and said he was surprised to find this Arghul instrument, which grandfathers used to play to entertain themselves in most of their gatherings. 

Despite wars and a blockade in Gaza, playing music has steadily gained popularity, serving as an outlet in times of hardship.

Shot list:

–           Soundbite (Mohammed Hamida  Maker of Arghul instrument):

“Making Arghul is my hobby. I come here in summer to collect dried reeds, which vary in size. I cut the piece into several parts and take them to my home where I make the Arghul.”

–           Soundbite (Mohammed Hamida  Maker of Arghul instrument):

“I start making the instrument by punching a hole in the reed tube as an air tunnel with a wire. Then I make six smaller holes according to Do Re Mi scale and wrap the tool around with a strong adhesive. I test the sound the instrument produce before going to Gaza beach to market my production. Since Arghul is a popular Palestinian instrument played at Bedouin parties, I play a lot of traditional music. People like my talent and encourage me to pursue my job amid unemployment and hard living conditions in Gaza Strip.”

–           Soundbite (Khaled Qudeih  Gazan man):

“Today while walking on Gaza beach, particularly Gaza Corniche area, I was surprised to find an Arghul instrument with a young man who makes them by hand, especially since this instrument is about to disappear like the Oud. Our grandfathers used to play the Arghul to entertain themselves in most of their gatherings.”

–           Soundbite (Mohammed Abu Safiya – owner of a kiosk on Gaza beach):

“I play the Arghul to alleviate my concerns when I am bored or feeling down. I like playing it while sitting on the beach.”

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