Tunisia – Mosaic artists keep the ancient art alive and dazzling


Date: 02/06/2022

Location: Tunisia – Tunis

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:28

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Tunisia

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Tunisian Museums house the world’s greatest collections of ancient mosaics, made by the Carthaginians and Romans during their reign in the North African country.

Mosaic art, often used as floor and wall decoration, is one of the oldest crafts used by civilizations to preserve their history and reflect ancient life.

Many materials other than traditional stone and ceramic may be employed in modern mosaics, including shells, beads, charms, chains and gears.

Tunisian mosaic craftsmen told A24 News Agency that mosaics decorating private homes reflect the wealth and elevated social status of their owners.

They said they are keen on maintaining the mosaic art and creating mosaics within a contemporary context.

The craftsmen added that they are doing their best to make unique pieces of mosaics that can be used as gifts or to decorate furniture.

Shot list:

–           Soundbite (Ibrahim El-Zein – Mosaic Craftsman):

“Mosaic is one of the oldest crafts across civilizations, especially in the Middle East. The Romans in Tunisia developed this art, but they were not the ones who invented it. The floors of the homes of Roman leaders were made of mosaic. A special type of mosaic was used to decorate homes from the outside to distinguish the social status of the wealthy from others.”

–           Soundbite (Ibrahim El-Zein – Mosaic Craftsman):

“We work with love to turn stone and marble into beautiful pieces of art.”

–           Soundbite (Ibrahim El-Zein – Mosaic Craftsman):

“I worked on developing mosaic art over ten years to keep pace with the modern times, rather than imitating the style of the Romans. It’s important to make unique pieces to be sold. The pieces can be used as gifts or to decorate furniture.”

–           Soundbite (Ibrahim El-Zein – Mosaic Craftsman):

“As was born in a Tunisian ancient house in an ancient city, where people work in different crafts such as gold, silver, and copper, I was inspired to work in mosaic art and come up with special ideas that characterize my work.”

–           Soundbite (Ibrahim El-Zein – Mosaic Craftsman):

“Since the revolution, around 70 or 80% of mosaic craftsmen closed their shops.  There are some places where only two or three craftsmen are left out of forty ones in the past. Mosaic art represents our culture and history that should be preserved.”

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