Palestine -Palestinian Architect highlights violence against women through sculptures


Date: 01/06/2022

Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Sound: Natural

Duration: 00:05:13

Source: A24 Gaza

Restrictions: A24 subscribers


A Palestinian Architect has revealed the violence against women through dozens of sculptures she made.

Shireen Abdul Karim opened her personal project, a combination of architecture and art, to reveal the phenomena in the Gaza Strip.

Called ” The Art of Sacrifice,” Shireen told A24 News Agency that she wants People to realize the severe conditions of Gaza’s abused women.

Shireen added that she chose to express her emotions and feelings through sculptures.

She added that the project also aims to raise awareness among the public around the various forms of violence metered out to women through art in different forms.

Palestinian officials and human rights activists say the lockdown on Gaza has made women more vulnerable to domestic violence and abuse.


  • Soundbite (Shireen Abdul Kareem – Architect and visual artists):

“I studied architecture for five years, and art has always been a hobby of mine. I tried to incorporate art into architecture; when designing bedrooms, I tried to choose art paintings that had meaning. When I started working on art projects, I tried to incorporate architecture into art to create pieces that convey the issues of people in Gaza. This project is my personal effort, it is aimed to mitigate the suffering of women, because they are the weakest and marginalized group in our society, which puts many restrictions on women. Customs and traditions, women are always subjected to a lot of criticism in society. I make models that depict human condition more clearly. Women have been forced to fit into society’s mold of traditions and customs. Women are always scrutinized and criticized by society.”

  • Soundbite (Shireen Abdul Kareem – Architect and visual artists):

“This project aims to exhibit artwork to the public outside of galleries and workshops for everyone to see. The models are made out of transparent materials that contain 13 chemical substances. The chemical compound took a while through a process of trial and error in making the models.”

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