Turkey – People enjoy outdoor recreation in Ankara Parks


Date: 25/05/2022

Location: Ankara – Turkey

Language: Turkish

Duration: 00:02:39

Sound: Natural

Source: A24 Ankara

Restrictions: A24 subscribers


The National parks in the center of the Turkish capital, Ankara, are a great choice for local visitors and tourists to spend an active outdoor vacation.

The Parks and green spaces there provide people and kids with the opportunity to walk and cycle more often and engage in leisure-time physical activity.

But some visitors called for providing shaded areas in the various parks as they need some respite from the hot sun.

The Parks also contribute to the improvement of microclimates and environment.   

Ankara does not have a sea but its beauty has been enhanced through the wonderful places that visitors find calming, relaxing and enjoyable.


Various shots of visitors at the park.

Soundbite (1)

“The national park is lovely; this is our first time here. There are playgrounds for children. We eat while walking. We enjoyed our time here.”

Soundbite (2)

“The park is nice but the sun is too strong, there are areas with shade that are better for sitting and relaxing.”

Soundbite (3)

“Visiting the park is not very different than going to other places but it is enjoyable.”

Soundbite (4)

“The weather today was nice so we decided to go out and visit the national park. We enjoyed our time, everyone should come visit the park.”

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