Jordan – Amman hosts conference on ending violence against Women


Location: Amman – Jordan

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Date: 22-05-2022


A conference to launch the 2021 Regional Index on Violence Against Women and Girls kicked off in Jordan’s capital, Amman.

The EU-supported event was organized by the inter-ministerial committee for women empowerment in cooperation with the EuroMed Feminist Initiative.

The two-day event focused on the results of the index and its main recommendations.

The gathering witnessed the participation of 80 representatives from seven countries, including Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Also attending the event were representatives from the EU and the Union for the Mediterranean, embassies, members of parliaments, gender and law experts, civil society, human rights organizations and national government institutions.

Speaking to A24 News Agency, Head Researcher of the Regional Civil Society Observatory, Thaker Azogoul, urged Syria, Libya, and Iraq to participate in the conference next time.

He said these three countries should focus on women’s condition as they are witnessing conflicts.

Member of the Jordanian Parliament Asmaa Al-Rawahneh said the gathering dealt with the role of Arab countries’ laws in reducing violence against women.

Egyptian Lawyer and women’s rights activist Nihad Abu Qumsan said the conference offered Arab states an opportunity to share experience and best practice in this regard.


– Soundbite (Thaker Azogoul – Head Researcher of the Regional Civil Society Observatory):

“This conference is held in cooperation with civil society institutions, government representatives, Regional Civil Society Observatory, and experts representing the countries of the regional index on violence against women and girls. The regional index currently includes seven countries; Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. This year we will include Iraq, Libya, and Syria, because these countries are witnessing conflicts, and they should pay attention to the condition of women during conflicts, as well as during peace and security.”

-Soundbite (Asmaa Al-Rawahneh – Member of the Jordanian Parliament):

“I am happy that this conference is held in Jordan in cooperation with the EuroMed Feminist Initiative. The conference focuses on violence against women in all its forms; political and economic, and violence during conflicts, in addition to ways to combat this violence. It also discusses how these issues are addressed in the laws of Arab countries. This conference hosts seven Arab countries and impressive feminist figures.”

-Soundbite (Nihad Abu Qumsan – Egyptian Lawyer and women’s rights activist):

“This regional conference hosts several countries to talk about their follow up of legislation of laws to combat violence against women and girls in their countries. We also review the differences in laws among the countries, and how we can benefit from the experiences of each other.”

-Soundbite (Salsabeel Qilibi – Tunisian gender expert):

“This conference is to launch the regional index to combat violence against women within a comprehensive framework of the EuroMed Feminist Initiative. It reviews the laws of combating violence against women and helps decision-makers develop these laws.”

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