Yemen -Car bombing near Al-Mualla police station in Aden


Location: Aden – Yemen

Language: Arabic

Sound: Normal

Duration: 00:00:45

Source: A24 subscribers

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Dateline: 15/05/2022


There was a car bombing today morning in Al-Mualla district in Aden south of Yemen. Security sources said the car bombing targeted the convoy of the Chief of Joint Operations of the Fourth Military Region, Brigadier-General Salih Al-Yafei. The bombing happened near the police station and the Yemeni Socialist Party headquarters. There were no casualties, only some damaged cars and buildings in the vicinity of the bombing. Yemeni armed forces had announced earlier that Houthis have committed on Thursday and Friday 165 violations to the UN brokered truce in many areas including Marib, Al Jowf, Sa’dah, Hajja, Al Hudaydah, Taiz and Ad Dali’.


Soundbite (Shallal Ali Shaye – Commander of counter-terrorism forces):

“Terrorist acts will not disrupt our country’s security and peace. We refuse to let terrorist groups exist on our land. We assure the people that we are will stamp out any terrorist groups in Yemen.”

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