Iraq – Iraqis demand amendment of family protection law to prevent violence


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

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Dateline: 11/05/2022


Iraqi constitution prohibits all acts of violence and domestic abuse, criminal law criminalizes physical assault. However, the family protection law does not explicitly state domestic violence, article 41-1 gives the husband legal right to punish his wife and parents the right to discipline their children within the parameters of law and social norms. There have been increasing demands to make amendments to the family protection law in order to mitigate domestic violence that has spread lately. Recent discussion regarding this matter have taken place during a seminar titled ‘project to support legislating the protection from domestic violence law’. The seminar was attended by members of Iraqi Parliament, Interior Minister and many civil society activists. Attendees discussed the amendment and law proposal to be presented by a specialized committee to parliament for debate.


Soundbite (Aboud Al-Issawi – Member of Iraqi Parliament):

“Social values in Iraq have been crumbling due to several reasons including drugs, online

pornography and the rising divorce rate causing a disruption in the social structure of Iraqi families. This disruption has led to domestic violence, which calls for the need to enforce the penal code. It is important to pay attention to physical domestic violence, which should be prevented through prosecution and legal measures.”

Soundbite (Major General Saad Maan – Director of the Department of Media in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior):

“We support all new legislation in line with modern times, as long as traditions and social norms

are taken into consideration. We are still using the Iraqi penal code from 50 years ago but new crimes and issues have proven the need for new laws that should deal with these issues effectively without causing a disruption in society.”

Various shots of the discussions of attendees at the seminar.

Soundbite (Taqwa Saad – Social researcher):

“This seminar is for presenting our proposal and consulting parties involved in the decision

making who have the ability to influence the authorities and pressure them into legislating this law. The WTDC has been working with OXFAM for over a year on this project to legislate the protection from domestic violence law.”

Soundbite (Rafid Al-Taie – Sunni Endowment Office):

“We always encourage every Imam and Khatib to strengthen family structure and end domestic

violence that has led to family breakdown. Families are the building blocks of society so we always support such meetings and seminars as well as organizations that help with social issues. We encourage parliament to approve the protection from domestic violence law because it aligns with the true meaning of Sharia in Islam. This law should he approved because it will lead the reform of social institutions and facilities.”

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